Those students who have not received an email regarding MS Teams Credential for online classes and those who joined the incorrect teams mistakenly should submit the details in the link of the google form given below.

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The on-line classes for F.Y.B.Com. Interdisciplinary programme will commence on 20th September, 2021.
The Principal’s Address for all the students of F.Y.B.Com. Interdisciplinary programme will be conducted on-line at 12.00 noon on 18th September 2021.

Sr.No. Subject Name Teacher Name MS Teams Codes
1 Contemporary Global Politics Dr.Neha Agashe ju53f5e
2 Grasping the Mythos: Re – readingIndian Mythology Dr.Neha Sharma t5h0wef
3 Sanskrit Dr. Jyotsna Khare b4do6wh
4 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Ms.Sachi Vaidya k5377z2
5 Bollywood Music: A Reflection Dr.Hrishikesh Soman csd9oxk
6 Bio- Cultural Diversity and Sustainability Dr.Shruti Paripatyadar 6ncbrhd
7 Landmarks in Economic Thought and their Contemporary Relevance Dr.Sunayini Parchure k87vw87
8 Cam’era Mr.Nandkumar Angal 47di5t9
Sr.No. Subject Name Subject Name mentioned on admission form Teacher Name MS Teams Codes
1 We and our World -1 Compulsory English Dr Hilda David 98y2q24
2 Foundations of Economics Economics Dr. Sheena Mathews f8jabbj
3 Foundations of Psychology - 1 Psychology Dr. Alpana Vaidya kk73cwc
4 Foundations of Psychology - 1 Psychology Pooja Prabhavalkar zcik508
5 Introduction to basic concepts of Political Science Political Science Dr. Neha Agashe gvh8b26
6 Understanding Earth System – Part 1 Geography Dr. Manasi Desai 1gf1lul
7 Introduction to Literature 1 Additional English Dr. Aarti Wani hxx3dgv
8 Gadya Parimal (TEN STORIES) and GRAMMAR Hindi Dr. Jayram Gadekar xa8jilr
9 French for Beginners - 1 French for Beginners - 1 Dr Meenakshi Sengupta g0td6st
10 French Advanced – 1 French Advanced – 1 Dr Meenakshi Sengupta 62r8m5v

Note: Please go down and Scroll right to find the MS code for Div F.

Subject Name Subject Name mentioned on admission form Teacher Name Teams Code - Div A Teams Code - Div B Teams Code - Div C Teams Code - Div D Teams Code - Div E Teams Code - Div F
Financial Accounting – 1 Accountancy Dr. Santosh
v8cfbyh -- -- czd08ai -- l0jnmxw
Financial Accounting – 1 Accountancy Dr. Nilesh Waghmare -- al8smc7 8551cww -- 14l4he9
Micro Economic Analysis -1 Economics Vidhi Kalra -- -- -- jxfls7m -- 5823hxe
Business Mathematics and Statistics-1 Business Mathematics and Statistics-1 Vaishali A. Kolhatkar -- dsp5gx3 fw8vuhv 014ds16 nu9pmwo 8jgmmo2
Business Computing Business Computing Mrs. Ashwini Kothari peo485o -- -- -- -- peo485o
Soft Skills through Literature –1 Compulsory English Devika Dhumal, Dr. Subarna Bhattacharya yamnkb5 da4e7p6 39srqtc u279mvo gtsn1ul y0efifk
We and Our World –1 Additional English Devika Dhumal, Dr. Subarna Bhattacharya, Aarti Wani 7bc5qr2 ryx23d6 5z5wf2b qmv7vl3 1s9au6h qd1q38e
Emerging India General Awareness 1 Alka Arora,
Dr.Sharayu Bhakare(A,B,E)
637t5g1 2aq74eb 7jxmbm7 8t0fzcg nb6k364 9ca1hb5
Dimensions of Business Studies –1 General Awareness 2 Ms.Nisha Sah Gangola,Ms Tejaswini Shevate,Dr Shubhada Tamhankar iwa1usy id08efj lyvg9fp bs69g1i uab2lg3 h2ksy71
FY B COM D- Dimensions of Business Studies –1 Dr Shubhada Tamhankar General Awareness 2 Dr Shubhada Tamhankar -- -- -- hz40uq0 -- --
Business Organisation & Management (ACCA) Business Organisation & Management (ACCA) Poorti Gangal -- -- -- qmqt60q rq3wgk6 --
Cost & Management Accounting - 1 (ACCA) Cost & Management Accounting - 1 (ACCA) Poorti Gangal -- -- -- 8z0sn0p q21f3x1 --
Financial Accounting (Part-1) (ACCA) Financial Accounting (Part-1) (ACCA) Monica parikh -- -- -- 8o41g7g wjn0f3y --
Micro-Economic Analysis-1 Economics Nalini Sapkal jq1y4li 9h8y99l 77cac4c -- tqma9e2 --

Compulsory Physical Education Exam - Semester I

Sr. No Class Division Date Time Classroom Code
1 F.Y. B. Com B 22nd October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm xsic5cm
2 F.Y. B. Com C 23rd October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm khd5670
3 F.Y. B. Com A 26th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm cbj2syz
4 F.Y. B. Com E 27th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm h3dku00
5 F.Y. B. A G 28th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm gjdaocc
6 F.Y. B. Com D 29th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm kd69stg
7 F.Y. B. Com F 30th October 2021 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm 53z0vko

M. A. (English) SEM 1

Sr. No Subject Faculty Name Team Code
1 English Literature 1550-1660 Dr. Subarna Bhattacharya cd0y5nw
2 English Literature1660-1798 Dr. Shweta Kapoor, Ms Shivani Mutneja p8lnke7
3 English Literature in English Dr. Hilda David obphc4t
4 English Literature in English Dr. Raj Rao aee8dqn
5 Introduction to Linguistics & Stylistics Dr. Anil Adagale 5xruztr

M. A. (Economics)

Sr. No Subject Faculty Name Team Code
1 Micro Economics: Theory and Applications Dr. Sheena Mathews and Ms. Nalini Sapkal 7zdvm4l (Sheena)
2 Macro-Economic Analysis-I Dr. Sunayini Parchure and Dr. Jini Jacob r00zdc5
3 India and Transitions in Global Economy Dr. Neelofar Raina & Ms. Diya Devare m7cou49
4 Mathematical Methods for Economics Ms. Diya Devare zp670b7


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